The second MESOPP workshop took place from 6th to 9th June 2017 at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), a well-known European center for marine biology and ecology and partner of MESOPP. The focus of the meeting was on user requirements for developing the Central Information System (CIS) that will provide access to acoustic-based observation and modelling outputs. The MESOPP CIS portal will become available in December 2017. It will include a catalogue of data providing general information on the variables made available through the MESOPP project. The catalogue will serve to discover and select the products. Tools will be included to visualise the data and then to download them.

Products available through the MESOPP portal will include acoustic and oceanographic data for the Southern Ocean, either from transects (data measured along the track of a ship cruise), moorings (data measured by a fixed echo-sounder), or profiles (data measured from a ship at pre-defined locations). Micronekton model outputs (Atlantis, Seapodym and Size-based model) for the southern ocean will be also provided, allowing intercomparison between models and evaluation against acoustic biomass estimates. The workshop pointed out the importance of using standardized formats in order to develop easy access to the data and facilitate comparisons.

The last day of the workshop was devoted to a series of presentations and questions by partners and invited colleagues with a special focus on studies of predators of micronekton (i.e., tuna, elephant seals, whales and pinnipeds).