PolarPod expedition

An exploration of the Southern Ocean onboard a manned oceanographic platform designed to drift around Antarctica in the Furious Fifties.  A part will be to record the acoustic transmissions of marine mammals and krill, and the background noise of the ocean, and also observe marine life, in link with MESOPP.

Partners pages about Antarctica & the Southern Ocean

Australian Antarctic Divison pages “About Antarctica”

a set of pages on everything concerning Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, including wildlife (elephant seals, but also penguinssalps, krill, or squids)

Partners pages about predators

CEBC “Argonimaux” page (in French)

The Argonautica educational project from the French space agency, CNES, has an “Argonimaux” component dedicated to marine animal monitoring using Argos and Earth observation satellites. CEBC  collaborates to this project with its Southern Ocean predator tracking (elephant seals, seals, penguins, albatrosses). They propose with information on them on this web site.

SEaOS (Southern Elephant Seals as Oceanographic Samplers) at St Andrews University

A project aiming at better knowledge of the Elephant seal environment, and thus life and biology. the web site includes information on the elephant seals.

Projects with an outreach component


The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources has  the objective of conserving Antarctic marine life. It provides a number of ressources on this topic, in four languages.

Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE)

ACE is a project of the Swiss Polar Institute (SPI). From December 2016 to March 2017, scientific teams from all over the world took part in this expedition aboard the Russian research vessel Akademik Treshnikov, working in a number of fields. Photos and onboard information are available on their web site.

Integrated Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean (ICED)

ICED is a project aiming to develop a coordinated circumpolar approach to better understand climate interactions in the Southern Ocean, the implications for ecosystem dynamics, the impacts on biogeochemical cycles, and the development of sustainable management procedures.

The International Whaling Commission

The International Whaling Commission is an Inter-governmental Organisation whose purpose is the conservation of whales and the management of whaling. The web site includes information on whales in every ocean – including the Southern Ocean.