The MESOPP project completed its activities in May 2019 after three years of fruitful coordinated research between partners in Europe and Australia. This website will remain active as a repository of documents and information on the project MESOPP but will not be regularly updated after September 2019. The roadmap document with a summary of recommendations can be downloaded here.

Now that the project has ended, many of the continuing activities and scientific questions are being taken forward by other programmes/projects. More particularly:
– The zooplankton and micronekton biomass distributions predicted with the model SEAPODYM are now becoming a product delivered with regular update and validations in the COPERNICUS Marine Environment and Monitoring Service (CMEMS: The first released simulation output covering the global domain 65°N-65°S will be soon updated and extended to the higher latitudes thanks to the progress achieved during MESOPP. Higher resolution modelling (1/12°x day) are also already planned.
– The acoustic database of IMOS continues to be enriched with additional acoustic transects. It is expected that following the recommendations of the MESOPP roadmap document the international cooperation on the collect of acoustic data in the Southern Ocean and its dedicated database be linked to the SOOS programme ( and then extended to the global ocean.